5 Accessories Every Gentleman Needs!

An Elegant Watch

A good friend of mine once told me that a gentleman should have at least two quality items in their everyday life. An elegant watch and a sophisticated card holder. A solid watch may seem like a no-brainer, but mobile phones have caused the regular wrist watch to become obsolete in some people’s eyes. Much like having a wallet, having a wrist watch is necessary for the modern gentleman. A nice watch is noticeable and creates conversation. As a gentleman you will at times roll your sleeves up, wear a t-shirt or have a casual suit on, this is when a bold watch will become apparent. More importantly to take a quick glance at a watch looks better than pulling out a phone and looking distracted. You will lose eye contact for a shorter period of time versus pulling out a mobile phone. It’s also a very good when a lady sees you and enjoys how you take time and effort in your appearance.

A Sophisticated Card Holder

This may seem like a no-brainer, but now have a simple but quality card holder is not as common as you would think. Every gentleman should have these necessary pieces in their day to day lives. I myself carry an Aspinal of London card holder, made from real leather and a truly elegant piece. With the advent of mobile phone cases where you can put all of your credit cards and necessary items there, it could take away from needing a card holder.  But, as a gentleman, there is nothing more classic than reaching into a neat wallet/ card holder and pulling out your bank or credit card. This is the look of a man that has his things together. No man purses, that is not classic nor a gentleman.

A Signature Scent

Changing things to the grooming sphere, cologne is very important. Every gentleman will have a signature scent, my go to fragrance is Bleu De Chanel among a few select others. My advice, don’t just grab one and wear it forever but have 3 or 4 quality aftershaves that you can be instantly recognised as your scent. It’s always worth keeping a small spare bottle of your signature fragrance in your briefcase, side pocket or desk drawer. This along with some hand sanitizer and hand cream will keep you smelling fantastic and fresh throughout the day.

A Solid Pair of Sunglasses

As the saying goes “with my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” A solid and fashionable pair of sunglasses can really make a gentleman pop! Every guy should have a signature frame or brand. I’m one of those who prefers Ray Ban Wayfarers as they really suit my head/ face shape. This accessory only comes out for a few months a year (unless you’re a jet-setter), so from around April to September be sure to carry a solid pair of sunglasses in your holdall.

A Quality Set of Headphones

The final piece of the gentleman accessory kit is a quality set of headphones! A good pair of headphones in your bag can really help your image and show that you know your things when it comes to quality products. You could use them for your commute, your workout, or just for relaxing and listening to music in the garden or on the balcony. A solid set of headphones are an essential part of a gentleman’s kit. I have a pair of the Bose QCC35 Wireless Bluetooth headphone and they are truly magnificent.