5 Gentleman Tips for Date Night

tips for date night

As I’m currently one of those, oh what do you call them? Eligible singletons! I thought that I’d write a little post from the male perspective on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to tips for date night. Now, it may seem odd to take advice from a guy who isn’t currently in a relationship, however, I do in fact go on dates and would like to share how (I think) the young gentleman should act in this situation. Romance definitely doesn’t have to be dead, you can still make those beautiful sparks fly and create a bit magic between yourself and a lady. All it takes is a little bit of hard work, dedication and creativity… What’s new?

Tips For Date Night – Gentleman Edition

tips for date night

  1. Always Dress Smart and Fit your clothes properly

It sounds simple, right? But the amount of guys you see these days rarely dressing up or wearing some hideous ensemble whilst on a date is truly astounding. My firm belief is that you should always look the part, let alone when you’re taking a young lady out for the evening. You’re there for a nice time, a time to build a relationship and a time to show her you mean business. The way you dress is a statement of what kind of guy you are, now put the casual T-Shirts and Skinny Jeans away, come on be a big boy now!

  1. Be Yourself

Again, you’d think I wouldn’t need to write this but it’s true. BE YOURSELF. Show your personality and the traits you’ve grown up with. If you have a weird side… Show it! Whilst doing this, don’t forget to be a class act! Chivalry may be dead to some, but she’ll like you more if you try to revive it. Open the door for her, pull out her chair, whatever it is! Courtesy is still courtesy.

  1. Be Comfortable

A lot of times when guys try to dress up for dates, they end up wearing something truly out of the ordinary for them and something they just aren’t comfortable in. As I said, I recommend you dress up, but try to dress up in a way that makes you feel a million dollars. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘I don’t have any smart clothes that make me feel like I’m David Beckham’ then get yourself out and find some! There are plenty of high-street shops that stock wonderful looking garments these days, which would have your lady friend thinking she’d struck gold.

  1. Know your surroundings

Arrange to go somewhere you know. Ladies respond to authority and someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re accustomed to your surroundings you’re more likely to be yourself and feel comfortable, in turn encouraging her to be far more laid back! A good idea for this is to meet beforehand and say “I had this place in mind but if you had any other ideas then I’m open to other possibilities”, ultimately suggesting that you know where to take her but are willing to listen to any of her ideas. This inevitably would result in a very lovely date.

  1. Be Early!

Be Early, NEVER LATE! If you’re late, the first words to utter out of your mouth should be an apology and a brief explanation why! So, turn up early and greet her upon her arrival. I recommend¬†around 10-15mins before the date. If you’re extra sassy, you could have worked out what her drink is beforehand and have it ready and waiting for her on arrival (depending on the type of date). A gentleman is structured and organised, no lady ever wishes to end up with an unpunctual guy. So don’t be that guy. Grow up, be a gent and respect the tips for date night.