All Things Green


We thought with it being St. Patrick’s Day today we’d give you a little look at how amazing your diet can look and taste when you consider all things green! When it comes to food and drink, green is not something that people are particularly keen on…we wouldn’t blame people. Generally speaking greens aren’t exciting and usually, it’s something that feels like the benefits aren’t worth the taste. But there are definitely ways to change this, including getting your greens in different ways, including them in different parts of your diet, and embracing the true greatness of the green!

Let’s start with what is arguably the most popular green out there at the minute – green tea. It’s available in all kinds of different flavours, sizes, forms, but what is it all about? Long story short, it’s a super drink, it can increase the rate at which we burn fat, especially in the abdominal area, it can keep our hearts healthy, it can reduce brain deterioration reducing the risk of conditions in later life all amongst the reasons for it. Obviously, it isn’t a miracle worker, but think about combining this with solid training regimes and strong, clean diets – you’ll be looking and feeling how you want in no time.

So, what about what is going on the plate? Obviously, if you like your greens then you’re golden! Load them up and get them put away, they’re generally high in iron, high vitamin and mineral levels that are all good for keeping you healthy. Best of all, you can pretty much eat as much as you want and fill up, they’re low fat and will keep you full which will help you fight the cravings for the things that you know you shouldn’t. If greens ‘aren’t your friend’ then why not try something new with them? Perhaps try throwing them into a stir fry with some chicken, adding them to a pasta sauce, or adding some leftover cooked greens into a salad.

Going back to things to drink, you can have a lot of fun with fruit juices/smoothies with your greens and maximise your fruit and veg intake in an instance. Grab your grapes, kiwis, apples, even throw in a little bit of spinach/kale for good measure, get it blended up with a little bit of fruit juice (you could even use cooled green tea for that extra punch!) and enjoy. Satisfy your sweet tooth and get your 5-a-day.

We hope this has given you a couple of ideas for how to embrace the greens, and a little bit of light-hearted craic for the greenest day of the year!