April Essentials

As I have recently started this blog, I have decided to add a few planned features for you all to look forward to on a weekly/ monthly basis. This week I am introducing a monthly series called ‘My Essentials’ which will include anything from what clothing I am wearing to which book I am reading at the time. So, without further ado, this month’s April essentials are listed below. Enjoy!

April - My Essentials 1


River Island Black Suede Chelsea Boots

To kick this April essentials post off, last month was my birthday, so I decided to go for some fantastic suede Chelsea boots from River Island. These little beauties cost a mere £55 and really compliment any look. If I fancy a chilled but smart vintage look whilst at uni, I can match these with a pair of skinny jeans, longline t-shirt and denim jacket. Or – as I did the other night – if you’re heading to a nice bar for some drinks, you can wear these with a pair of smart dark jeans, shirt and a blazer. They’re super comfortable, look great and really are worth it. If you would like to check them out, then you can do here.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Brown Tortoise Shell

It’s officially summer now! Those bright, long days are quickly approaching. So I feel a pair of sunglasses is always an essential. I’ve had this pair since I went abroad last year so cannot really call them a ‘new’ April Essential. However, they have been carefully stored away over the winter months and have recently made a return to my everyday look. These babies are now at a great price on ASOS at £88, a snip considering I paid £95 in an airport, which is without the tax, remember.

I feel as though everybody has a certain style/ go-to brand of sunglasses and Ray-Ban Wayfarers have always been mine. The only ones that have ever made me think hard are the Ray-Ban Round Fleck, which I will no doubtably be purchasing sometime soon. Find the Wayfarer’s here.

GQ Monthly Subscription

I have from time to time bought GQ and have always loved it, I’ve just never – for some reason – committed to the monthly subscription. I think it’s because there is an old-fashioned element to my personality that enjoys going to the local shop and picking it up on issue day. However, I have finally dug down and purchased the 12-month magazine subscription, making this not only an April essential but a monthly essential. If any of you haven’t got the monthly subscription, I’d definitely consider it as over the course of 12-months you do in fact save yourself some money. Everybody loves a bargain!

iPhone 6S and My Blog

Not really an April essential but a ‘forever’ essential. I always have my phone with me as this is just a must. Forever checking Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Emails etc. I would love to not rely on my phone so much, which is what I have been trying to do lately. I’ve been trying to be more social and what not, without the phone.

To add to the phone my blog has been an essential this April as I started it pretty much a month ago on my birthday. lately, I have been updating the look of my blog and getting it ‘perfect’ to how I see fit. I’m very pleased with it so far and love your feedback. It’s also been great to connect with so many other bloggers and so quickly. Thanks for being so welcoming, guys! If you’d like to follow me at all or get in touch for a collab or just a general question feel free: Twitter, Instagram, hellophilmccormick@gmail.com 🙂

Toni & Guy Styling Fibre

In the last month, I have changed my hair styling product. Not a huge change, sticking with my usual, go-to product – Toni & Guy. I have been using the ‘Styling Putty’ for years but as of April, I have opted for the ‘Styling Fibre’. Why the change you ask? Well, because as much as I love the Styling Putty – which is great by the way – I would definitely recommend it. It is a liquid feeling product, that really holds your hair in position for hours on end with it still looking natural. However – I myself – just doesn’t enjoy using liquidy products for my hair, It was a little sticky feeling so I have now changed to the Styling Fibre. This I find absolutely perfect for me, it’s more of a clay product, it keeps your hair looking natural and doesn’t add too much strength, or that feeling where you can feel the product in your hair. If this interests you, find this product on offer in Boots right now.

Rodan & Fields Proactiv Solution Repairing Treatment

Usually, I am found using Kiehl’s as part of my everyday skincare routine. However, at the start of April, I had a little outbreak of spots around my mouth area. This really annoys me because I really look after my skin, I drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated and try not to eat too much sugar etc. So instantly I googled remedies to cure spots and I came across the ingredient ‘Benzoyl Peroxide’ which just so happened to be an ingredient in a skincare kit I bought last year. Since using Proactiv my spots have cleared up again and my skin feels super. It’s re-energised, looking and feeling healthy. Find my skincare kit here.

TW Steel Watch

I’ve never really been a watch guy. I have however always had a brand that I go for which is TW Steel. I got my first ‘proper’ watch for my 18th birthday and quickly followed this up with another purchase from this fantastic watch maker. I stopped wearing it though as at one point I thought that the orange was too bold. At the start of April, I ordered some minimal watches from Gentleman Watch Co, but until they come I am back on the Bold TW Steel. Anyone looking for a bold, stylish and durable watch head over to TW Steel now.

Dolce & Gabbana The One

This was one of my birthday gifts in March but absolutely falls under my April essentials! I’ve had this fragrance for around 7 years now, it is my go-to scent. Every guy has one and this is 100% always on my cologne shelf. I really like bold and ‘out there’ smells and this definitely does just that, but it is a very nice smell. I’ve had plenty of compliments when wearing this baby and couldn’t recommend it enough. Grab a bottle now here.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. Keep an eye out for next month’s ‘My Essentials’ and be sure to let me know what you think of any of these products 🙂

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