Getting Back on Track After The Festive Period!

Festive Period

Is there a more daunting time of the year? The end of the festive period, January comes around and you’ve got the mammoth task on your hands getting yourself back into a schedule and a routine – but more importantly, getting back into those jeans that you used to wear!

Even at GP we are not immune to the results of a busy festive period and we have to tackle it every year, and over the last few years we’ve tried a few different approaches, some have worked better than others. So we thought we’d share a couple of top tips and talk about what we’ve used before to get us back training right, eating right and more important than either of those (in our mind anyway) is getting yourself into a mindset that is sustainable…so to avoid a ‘new year, new me’ fiasco that lands you back in bed with a take away before January is out.

Training is hard at the best of times, especially without any motivation in the short term, and we can all agree it’s certainly easier to just give it a miss and sit down with a leftover box of chocolates. The biggest piece of advice we would give you is no matter what your aim in the long term when you’re getting back into it, try and find something you want to do. If it is swimming, running, football, tennis or even walking, do what you like, and do as much as you want to do the first time. Slowly build it up and start to increase your effort and other areas, but initially getting there is going to be the hardest thing, so get yourself where you want to be, or at least where you don’t hate being and even half an hour will be enough to get you going. The festive period is a 2 week holiday, don’t let it stop you from reaching your overall goals.

If you’re a gym-based trainer, then be prepared for the post-festive period masses, there will be the madness of the New Year fitness craze as there is every year. Again, our advice is to do what you can and get it done in good time, they’ll fade out and then when they’re gone you can get down to business (and we’ll be here to help). In the meantime, why not try it outdoors, if you’re a runner, get your hat on and get out on the road, or maybe try a 20-minute HIIT session in a spare room/on a field, this is the time for experimentation.

How big you went over the festive period will determine how hard you will have to work in January to get back on track. Personally, we set ourselves up in December knowing that it’s going to be a hard January but it’s always worth it. More importantly, the biggest thing to remember is it’s all worth it! You had a great festive period, and once you’ve done your training, you’re going to remember how great you actually feel when you’re training well. Start small and build it up and before you know it you’re back! New Year…but the same fantastic you! Just a friendly reminder though, try and leave this stuff behind now…

Festive Period

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be talking to you about how we change our nutrition in the New Year – it will again focus on providing you with some advice on approaches that are sustainable. Remember, a gentleman is for life, not just for Christmas.


Happy New Year