The Mankind Series: Below The Belt

below the belt

Mankind got in touch and asked if I’d like to sample a few new products that they have available on their website. Today is the third in this series which features Below The Belt.

Below The Belt

Let’s face it, we men have always been badly designed downstairs. And yet life is now even faster, whether commuting, cycling, going to the gym or just generally running around. But where are the products specifically designed to make life for modern men more comfortable? Below the Belt, Grooming has developed a range with our real needs and daily irritations in mind. Surely we deserve a choice. This brand offers a range of products which are specifically designed to address the issues men face below the belt and to provide easy to use solutions that fit with men’s busy lifestyles.

They offer three main products: Fresh & Dry Balls, Instant Clean Balls & Sports Lubricant. Both Fresh & Dry Balls and Instant Clean Balls are available in Cool, Active, Fresh & Fragrance-Free options. I really love the branding and messaging around these products. It’s fun and serious, whilst also providing a very suitable solution to many male problems!

Fresh & Dry Balls

A clean ocean breeze over a calm green base for long-lasting freshness. Apply this product after showering to stay fresh and dry for up to eight hours. Its gentle formula is dermatologically tested. It absorbs super quickly and leaves a healthy dusting of talc-like powder that also contains the all important essential oils. Applied as a gel, Fresh & Dry Balls dries to a silky fine layer, leaving the groin area dry and comfortable for hours costing a fantastic £5.95!

Instant Clean Balls

A clean ocean breeze over a calm green base for long-lasting freshness. Applying this product whenever a shower is not possible is one of the best alternatives for an instant clean feeling. It has a gentle formula with a new spray application that is absorbed quickly and is dermatologically tested. This is a fantastic product that contains essential oils and keeps you fresh and clean for the day ahead! One very cool and interesting fact about this is that it won ‘Pure Beauty Awards Gold Award’ for Best New Male Skin & Body Care Product 2016. Coming in at a reasonable £5.95

Sports Lubricant

This Below The Belt Sports Lubricant does a great job in preventing chafing or unnecessary discomfort during sports and exercise. It’s best applied liberally to sensitive areas to help reduce any friction. It also soothes irritation and increases comfort during any activity. A must for anyone who runs, cycles, rows or does any activity where they could chafe. It’s smooth, non-drag formula prevents chafing and discomfort when working up a sweat. A must for any man’s gym bag and a steal at £9.95!

below the belt

Thank you very much for reading and thanks to Below The Belt & Mankind for these products to review. Keep and eye out in the near future as we’ll have another instalment for The Mankind Series, right now though, why not click to view our previous post below.