What It’s Like Dating American Girls

American Girls

We over at Team GP have had a few dates with American girls. Having travelled far and wide and lived in various cities we’ve had our taste of dates with American girls so we thought that we’d dedicate this post to telling you our experiences and what you can potentially expect if you meet a friend from across the pond.

  • They’re Very Confident

Talk about confidence, American girls seem to be extremely confident. They have no qualms with telling you what they think and don’t seem to hold back. This isn’t coming from a negative aspect either as that old cliche of American positivity really shines through. The first American girl one of our team dated actually approached him. American Girls seem to know what they want and some of them just want a British Gentleman.

  • They Know How They Want a Man To Act

From the few American girls we have met, they seem to know what they want and will definitely tell you how they think you should act. For example, a higher percentage of them (in our experience) expected everything to be paid for. Now, we aren’t saying this as a massive generalisation, but the few we have known have been rather cheeky and asked for more drinks etc. It’s all good though, chivalry isn’t dead and it’s sometimes nice to treat a girl a date, it’s not against the law or something!

  • They’ll Compare You With American Guys

I’ve been in the situation myself. Sat in a bar, sipping drinks, chit-chatting, taking in the ambience and then she says “Are you going to put your arm around me orrrr?”. In this situation I was shocked, it made me think that old saying that we Brits are ‘cold’ was true. I’m a confident guy, but when dating I wouldn’t consider acting super loving and affectionate (because it’s too early on in the relationship to do so). From this situation, she led on to describe the difference between British Men and American Guys, most notably, British men are more chilled, laid-back and gentlemanly whereas our American brothers are much more boisterous¬†and up-front. Something I’m quite happy to keep the same.

  • If you’re British, they love the accent!

I know this is so cliche, but they really do! We’ve had the pleasure of meeting various people from all walks of life and everybody seems to love the British accent, and this doesn’t stop with the Americans. What’s funny is that I have a northern accent and for some reason, they don’t really pick up on that as it’s the finer details and the words we use. Our actions, our everything. The fact we drink tea and eat scones. They just seem to love the whole package of Britishness.

American Girls

Obviously, we are not stating that all American’s are the same, this is just a fun filled, experience-led post. We hope you enjoyed it and if you have any experiences let us know. We’d also love to hear from the other side, what American’s think of us Brits.

Till next time lovers,