The New and Exclusive DSQUARED2 HeWood


Introducing DSquared2 HeWood Cologne

A contrast, a code, a feeling, an emotion. Introducing DSquared2 HeWood Cologne, a celebration to mark 10 wonderful years since the launch of the first and original DSquared2 fragrance He Wood. DSquared2 HeWood Cologne is an evolution and fresh adaptation of a traditional and typically masculine Eau de Cologne. Today, they have a new character and story created to fit with the fast paced modern day… 10 years on from where they left it.

DSquared2 HeWood Cologne is a scent innovation, it adds strong and vibrant elements of wood to the Eau de Cologne family. Wood evokes nature, strength, and vigorous virility through its simplicity. Thus, its fragrance – made with notes of silver fir and energised by Mediterranean touches of lemon, mandarin and ginger – blazes a new path in the modern day olfactory family. Created by the nose Daphne Bugey, DSquared2 HeWood Cologne belongs to the Woody Citrus of olfactory family, effectively expressing the wonderful contradictions in our modern world.



The Fragrance

The next chapter of the DSquared2 HeWood fragrance family sees HeWood Cologne interpret the same classic scent, but with a new and exciting modern twist. A bright Mediterranean touch of Lemon and Mandarin is added to the top notes to bring a fragrant sense of lightness and enhanced by unexpected notes of ginger, silver fir, musk and amber. Fresh accents of violet leaves and violet blossom sit at the core of the fragrance, while profound notes of Vetiver and Cedar Wood sit firmly at the base.

The Bottle

The DSquared2 HeWood Cologne bottle has the same unique qualities as the entire HeWood fragrance collection. This time, in the background, sits an image of a Canadian forest, reminiscent of those where Dean and Dan Caten spent their childhood. The wooden cap transforms the bottle into a design piece, creating a solid object with it’s heavy, dense glass bottle – this striking design takes inspiration from Dean & Dan’s 10-year endeavour on their HeWood fragrance journey.



The Verdict

This is one hell of a fragrance, something I really wasn’t expecting! The smell of this DSquared2 HeWood is outrageously good and everybody in the office really enjoyed the scent! Sometimes I’m suspicious when people recommend a cologne, however, this one has gone straight in on my aftershave shelf next to my usual favourites! It’s super unique and something that I think will really be popular should people give it a chance. It’s bold with a lot of flavours, a statement scent… So what are you waiting for? Get yours now and I promise you will not be disappointed!

DSquared2 HeWood Cologne is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols from 5th May 2017

75ml – £53

150ml – £68