Foolproof Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Tuesday 14th February, St Valentine’s Day. The annual holiday celebrating Saint Valentinus, the classical cultural symbol for courtly love. Today, we have a few gentlemanly hints, tips and foolproof ideas for Valentine’s Day. We strongly believe that you should show as much love and compassion to your other half every single day, however, as Valentine’s Day gets bigger every year, we decided to help you guys out who may be stuck for ideas!

Dinner out.  Probably one of the most foolproof ideas for Valentine’s Day is a classic, great service, food experience. Our first hint would be to probably avoid booking on Valentine’s Day itself as If you’ve ever eaten out on V-Day before, you know it’s super busy, overpriced, the staff are harried and you get hustled in and out as quickly as possible. Tell your partner that you’d like the two of you to take your time and enjoy dinner, so you made reservations for another night so you won’t be rushed. The main part of this is to not forget the reservations (make them now!) because nothing kills romance like waiting in a crowded, freezing entryway for an hour. When V-day falls on a weekend, breakfast or brunch can be fun, spontaneous alternative.

Cook for your partner, or cook together. Again, another one of those foolproof ideas for Valentine’s Day. This is about spending time doing something together. Not sure what to serve? Why not play it cool and cook your partner’s favourite dish? Why not take it a bit further, making more of an effort and create an actual menu? Give your partner a choice, as if they were in a restaurant… Have a selection of starters, sides and wines. If you’re not comfortable cooking, there are many subscription meal services out there that allow you to buy meals for two that arrive with all the ingredients, a recipe, and clear instructions on how to cook them – simple! Even better, they are usually less expensive per person than a restaurant meal (not that we propose you be a cheap skate!)

Get away for a night. No matter where you live this is one of those foolproof ideas for Valentine’s Day that’s always a winner! Depending on where you’re located, there is probably a romantic Bed and Breakfast within a couple hours drive, or maybe there is a beautiful spa close by that you could both relax and enjoy each other’s company at. Getting away from the house/ flat is a perfect way to turn off the daily habits, distractions, and routine that can inhibit romance and true quality time together.

Find an activity you both like. The final on this list of foolproof ideas for Valentine’s Day is to do something that you both don’t normally do but may have always discussed. Ice skate in the local park, go to the theatre or take a cooking class or snowboarding lessons. Maybe use your time to plan something in the future – a weekend getaway, a trip to the next town or destination event that you can share together. It’s all about making the memories and moments count and Valentine’s Day is one of those kick up the butts some couples need.

This list is made up of the presence of each other’s company, as opposed to presents we may give. However, there is no right or wrong way to do Valentine’s Day! You may enjoy giving a small gift to show your appreciation, it’s all about your own relationship and what you may find to be unique. Heck, some people may enjoy doing nothing at all. Just know these are some foolproof ideas for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! If you feel like some further tips on how to be a Gentleman on date night will help you for this Valentine’s Day, then click the link below.