Gentleman’s Watch Co.

Gentleman's Watch Co.

During last month’s read of British GQ magazine, I stumbled across some rather elegant looking and very minimalist timepieces. As a student on a budget, I thought ‘there is no point looking at the price’, much to my surprise when I saw Gentleman’s Watch Co. £29!! I was shocked to say the very least!

Gentleman’s Watch Co.

Gentleman’s Watch Co. born in the English university town of Oxford, England, is a company that provides quality, hand-picked timepieces for the everyday watch enthusiast. They supply great products, straight to your doorstep from the people who made them and have been featured in big name magazines such as Men’s Health, Tatler, Esquire, Stuff and as previously mentioned GQ.

First Thoughts

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it all seemed too good to be true! I thought that it was some kind of con, how can a brand produce something that looks really not that bad, for so little? Normally I would have clicked away from the page immediately, but so many areas settled my mind: The endorsements from big name magazines, their social media presence and PayPal payment on their homepage, this is a big one for me.

So, off I went, I thought ‘let’s try this out and who knows? It could end with a rather funny review’. I ordered two watches, why not? They’re so cheap! I bought the ‘Wadham’ Silver faced watch with a black leather strap along with the ‘Harris’ silver faced timepiece with brown leather strap.

Grand Opening

Both watches arrived in the same box and quite frankly, the box wasn’t anything special. More like a fancy postage box that you’d pick up from Royal Mail. The watches were separated only by foamy layers which didn’t really bother me as the watch face and back both had protectors on. Both watches came with a battery already inside and had a little clip on the dial ready for you to remove and set the watch time up. Overall, nothing special with this section.

The Low Down

Both watches arrived and have a really lovely fitting leather strap. The watches both benefit from Japanese Quartz Movement which has been said to favour the everyday gentleman because of it’s reliability and superior accuracy. The faces are made of Mineral Glass which means that they’re more likely to get scratched to that of a sapphire crystal. The case material is naturally Stainless Steel and both watches come with a face diameter of 40mm and thickness of 6mm. To finish off the lowdown, we have a traditional buckle for the clasp and a water resistance of 3ATM (pretty much suitable for usual water hazards: rain, washing hands etc).

Gentleman's Watch Co.

Pros and Cons

Having had the Gentleman’s Watch Co. watches for a couple of days now I have been able to fully appreciate them and finalise my thoughts. I’d like to point out that everything I say, I know it’s because of the price. I am actually very happy with both watches but as this is a review I am just telling you as it is.

Firstly, the strap says that it’s made from leather, however, I think that it’s the cheapest, plastic-feeling leather on the market. It is very stiff and at first kind of difficult to wrap around your wrist. Secondly, I’m not usually a huge watch wearer – this is a 2016 resolution, to wear more watches – but I’ve noticed that when it’s quiet you can hear these watches ticking, even when the TV is on at a semi-reasonable volume. Maybe this is normal but it shocked me, hopefully, that doesn’t become too annoying.

A major pro for me is that even at such a low price, a number of quality, men’s fashion advice magazines are featuring these watches. I find that when you have a brand such as British GQ – a household name who you can trust – talking about Gentleman’s Watch Co. then it kind of settles your mind and makes you feel as though you have some kind of imaginary safety net when making your purchase. It’s worth mentioning as well that, as much as I am pleased with these products, it’s worth educating yourself before jumping in at the deep end like me. A con for me was that I never read the delivery section, as I saw Oxford & London at the top of the homepage I just assumed the usual 3-5 working days. This isn’t the case, the watches, in fact, took 10working days to reach me and the company warn that it could take up to 15 working days.

My thoughts are absolutely trying to find further cons with these products but I really can’t knock them. They’re as the saying goes ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ an everyday gentleman’s watch with a simple, minimalistic look. Link this with the price and you really cannot go wrong. However, I will say this, I am worried about how long they will last, but at such a price I don’t think I expect them to last a lifetime.

What They Said

My mother was sceptical at first, she didn’t think they’d arrive but once they did she did say and I quote “Aw, they’re actually rather lovely, but they don’t feel like they have anything inside of them”. I continued to talk with her a little about the watches and my reasons for purchasing them and she did – in the end – warm to them.

My father is somewhat of a watch connoisseur, although he would never succumb to admit it. My dad has some beautiful watches and quite frankly would never purchase a watch for £29. He said, “Son, the watch looks lovely but how long will it last?”. Again, I continued to explain my reasons and I even ended up getting a little favourite from him on Twitter when I posted a picture of the watches.

My best friend, Adam. Who is a very keen men’s fashion shopper and loves to find quality at a reasonable cost said “Phil, I absolutely love the look of them! Who cares if they’re £29? It doesn’t matter what brand is on your wrist, it’s about whether it does the job and looks good. If they last for 8 months, it doesn’t matter, they’re cheap enough that you can go and buy another one”. He’s actually considering buying one/ two, thank me later Gentleman’s Watch Co.


Overall, I found these watches very nice and simple to wear. I’ve already had a number of compliments on them and people are shocked when I tell them the price. It’s worth mentioning that if I wasn’t a student I would undoubtedly buy from a ‘classier’ more established watchmaker. But for now, I’m happy with these. Check out their website here.


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