Gents, Can Being Too Handsome Harm Your Career?


A study conducted recently demonstrates that being too handsome can, in fact, harm a man’s career progress. Apparently, it’s very hard to be a hot guy in today’s world.

Some will know what it is like, a naturally handsome fellow joins the team. They could be tall, dark and handsome or have a wonderful bone structure, smooth skin and a well-groomed beard. The struggle is said to be there and very real for these gentlemen in 2017, everybody can suffer in one way or another.

From a study in 2015 carried out in the UK and US, handsome men are seen to be a major threat to their bosses and are (quite clearly) less likely to gain higher, more powerful positions. It all makes sense really, many men in positions of power can be quite alpha and macho so if anybody comes along and rocks that ship they can feel threatened. The four separate and different studies reveal how researchers at University College London’s School of Management and the University of Maryland in the US used various offices and found some interesting results. Apparently, when men were hiring other men to work with them, their final and overall decision was negatively affected by the attractiveness of the candidate in the pipe. However, somewhat cruder is that a female’s anticipated attractiveness didn’t deter them from being an exciting addition to the office.

“Managers are affected by stereotypes and make hiring decisions to serve their own self-interests so organisations may not get the most competent candidates” said professor Sun Young Lee, lead researcher at the University of Maryland. “With more companies involving employees in recruitment processes, this important point needs attention. Awareness that hiring is affected by potential work relationships and stereotyping tendencies can help organisations improve their selection processes.”

Simply put, a dapper and handsome young gentleman who is competent and wants to further his career may have it hampered by his boss. A good practice is to find a company with an outsourced recruiter who is absolutely looking for the candidate with the companies need in mind, nothing to do with looks. If you are a good looking chap and so happen to find yourself in one of these predicaments, you’re most likely to be an un-used sub, toiling away in some low and less important position. As the study states “no matter how competent they are, they are still viewed as unwanted competition for some”.