Do I Need a Gym Membership?

gym membership

There are very obvious benefits of having a gym membership, but what if forking out the monthly bill is something that you would prefer to avoid – do you have to stop training and succumb to a future of increasing waistlines and poor self-esteem?! We know that sounds a bit extreme, but you know everyone likes a little bit of a dramatic statement. This piece is going to discuss what we think about the positives of having a gym membership, some of the pitfalls, but also what you can do if a gym membership isn’t for you at the moment.

Nowadays you can get a pretty decent level of gym membership for less than £20 a month, even in London there are places that can match these prices, and for those who travel with work, some of the bigger name gyms even let you use their gyms nationwide. Most gyms include classes as part of your gym membership, which if you haven’t already read our piece on classes – we’re a big fan of! Also, it goes without saying that having a gym membership will naturally be a pretty effective motivation for you to get off the sofa and go to the gym, and even motivate others to utilise their gym membership. After all, what’s the point in paying for a gym membership if you’re not going to go?!

So we know all the equipment is provided, it’s all in the same place, and it’s maintained for you, but what if you don’t fancy it? As gyms get busier people are thinking of new ways to keep fit, and are taking to the streets, the warehouses or garages, the parks, pretty much anywhere and everywhere to do their chosen exercise. We have tried this in the past, and as much as we are advocates of the gym, we also know that you don’t have to have a gym membership to look after yourself whatever your aims. Here is a couple of examples of what we have tried in the past ourselves, and heard good things about from people we know.

If your aim is to lose weight or cut down some of that ‘extra insulation’ and you haven’t got a gym membership, this is relatively straightforward to do without a gym membership. Get yourself outside! Run, walk, bike, row, swim, play sports, whatever it is that you enjoy, use it. Keep your motivation up by remembering why you started and where you want to finish but make sure you enjoy what you’re doing.

If your aim is to build up some muscle size and strength, then you need to start thinking outside of the box. There are open spaces where you can train, even in the big cities, if you feel comfortable exercising in the open then you can easily create your own exercise studio for a home-made circuit class/HIIT session using strength training. Burpees, lunges, press ups, sit ups, pull ups, all possible in a park, or for those who aren’t comfortable in public, in a garage. No equipment needed, but results are possible. Some advice that fits into both of these categories – use what’s around you, for example, videos online of exercise session that people have done outside, these can be really useful for supporting your goal and keeping you motivated.

We hope that this has shown you that you don’t necessarily need a gym membership to get where you want to be. Hope you enjoyed reading, and as always if you’re not happy with what you’re doing or how you’re doing it – change it up.