Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Hanz De Fuko Claymation

I was asking around for a few hair products to try, a friend of mine mentioned Hanz de Fuko Claymation, so I decided to give it a try and buy some from Mankind. Hanz De Fuko Claymation is made with a touch of Quicksand, giving it an incredible “clay-wax” hybrid property. It’s said to provide a super high-hold with ultimate pliability for achieving perfect, semi-matte hairstyles. As their saying goes… “This premium calibre styling product will always work with you, never against you”. It contains all the best parts of your favourite sculpting clay combined with a proprietary blend of natural waxes for achieving the spot on pompadour and creative works of art that last all day.

Hanz de Fuko Claymation is a half-wax, half-clay hybrid product that promises to lock in any style with serious hold (wax) but doesn’t dry hard or add excessive shine (clay). “Use it on dry hair to add texture or create extreme styles like rockabilly pompadours,” says the brand’s master stylist Daniel Alfonso. “On wet hair, a pea-sized amount will give you second-day hair, and a nickel-sized dollop can be used to create Gatsby or Peaky Blinders styles”.

Hanz De Fuko ClaymationAs with most clays, I find them rather difficult to use on my long hair. I need products that are super workable and run easily through the long locks, leaving a natural but smart look for the day. The Hanz De Fuko Claymation is made up of Beeswax, Bentonite, Hydro Generated Castor Oil and Aqua, meaning it is a water based clay. I always like the sound of a water based clay because it tells me that it’s going to be easier to engineer into my hair… However, I’m beginning to find that this isn’t the case and that stronghold clays aren’t for me. This seems like the perfect kind of product for a short style haircut which doesn’t take much to put in place.

I find the branding to be very strong and the jar is really cool and minimal (which I love), it’s just not the product for my current hair style. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I just mean when a guy has long wavy hair on top, a stronghold clay probably isn’t the best product to use. This has prompted me to try various other products by Hanz De Fuko because I know there will be something perfect for my style in their range. If not, I feel you should definitely try this product and make your own mind up.