Born Lucky: Johnny’s Chop Shop Barbers

Johnny's Chop Shop

Today we have a post all about grooming, styling and barbering. Johnny’s Chop Shop got in touch and recommended I try out their latest and cutting edge Men’s grooming product. As a huge admirer of the 1950’s slick style and old fashioned Americana fashion, I was very excited, to say the least, to get my mitts on some of these products.

Johnny’s Chop Shop

Johnny’s Chop Shop is a Men’s Barbers. It is also a cutting edge Men’s grooming collection and lifestyle brand. Referencing vintage American imagery, the brand ID is a fusion of 1950’s and 1960’s retro style and modern-day trend. Johnny’s Chop Shop will give young fashion conscious men the sharpest looks and the right products to create them. It will also provide tutorial support online to guide consumers on the journey to cool. It is about crafting honest, slick styles for guys who want to be well-groomed combining traditional methods with directional techniques for remarkably uncommon results. Find them @JohnnysChopShopBarbers or pop into one of their London shops now!

Johnny's Chop Shop

I sampled a range of products such as the Wild Cat Hair Sculpting Clay, Trigger Happy Texturising Spray, Beard Maintenance Oil and the Hobo Hair Dry Shampoo.

Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Sculpting Clay is imported from Asia and is a matt look hair clay with incredible cat-like strength and grace. When trying this product, I could absolutely feel the strength in my hair. Some may feel as though it is a bit ‘too strong’ and may prefer movement, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. From this, I am definitely going to try the Johnny Sheen Hair Pomade.

The Trigger Happy Texturising Spray is for the surfer-style texture you’re looking for. It gives a rough and ready finish that works well sprayed on damp hair followed by the Wild Cat Clay. If you’re none stop, fast paced but looking for a fresh spice up, then the Hobo Hair Dry Shampoo helps keep your hair ready for the day ahead. A matt look de-greaser, simple, easy to use, dry shampoo in a can. Finally, I trialled the Beard Maintenance Oil which is a smooth blend of natural oils that nourishes from root to tip. This after a week of use had my beard feeling softer than usual. It also made the hair lay better on my face.

The price of these products is fantastic and absolutely worth a try. Head over to their website and check out Johnny’s Chop Shop now!