Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Concentrate

Hydro Plumping Concentrate

In this series, I thought that I’d recommend a number of Kiehl’s skincare products that I’ve tried and tested over the past year, forming a daily routine and which have inevitably returned some wonderful, healthy looking skin results. Today is Part Four which features Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Concentrate… If you’d like to see Part Three then click here. Let’s get cracking and tell you how my day goes, step 4 of my routine, the hydration factor.

Hydro Plumping Concentrate Usage

The next step in my routine includes a Hydro Retexturizing Serum that really gives life to tired looking skin. I use the Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Concentrate which improves the overall appearance of your skin’s plumpness and smooths the look of fine lines and skin texture. This is a truly vital step in my routine, without this, I’m not sure if my skin would feel anywhere near as refreshed and hydrated. I’m so thankful to the Kiehl’s professional for recommending it.


There is one main ingredient in the Kiehl’s Hyrdo Plumping Concentrate and that is ‘Glycerin’. This is a renowned skincare ingredient that works wonders as a moisture magnet and pulls essential moisture into the skin. It is highly compatible with the skin and creates a ‘reservoir effect’, which enhances the water-holding capacity of your skin and ultimately helps to provide more hydration, skin elasticity, plumpness and backs up the outer layer of your skin. The Glycerin in this product is derived from Palm Fruit, Rapeseed and Coconut.


Overall I absolutely adore using the Hydro Plumping Concentrate in my daily routine, as I can truly see and feel the results. There is nothing that I’d change about it and find it really helped bring my skin back to its normal state from those dry patches. Kiehl’s is definitely in my male grooming arsenal and shall not be going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re feeling a fresh change in your skincare routine, why not drop into your local Kiehl’s store and give it a try? I always find they’re super friendly and truly care about your skin! Remember, though this routine is only half the battle, you have to have a well-balanced diet and always drink plenty of water.

Keep an eye out for our fifth instalment of this series on Friday.