Mankind: The Confidence Edition

The Confidence Edition

Recently, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on The latest Mankind Grooming Box: The Confidence Edition. If you don’t already know, Mankind releases a Grooming Box bi-monthly, with the aim to provide men with a well-rounded selection of grooming products. They try and target different areas of grooming, such as skincare, hair care and beard care packed full of skin and hair essentials that will leave you feeling your best. The Confidence Edition has a collection of products which will ensure you’re exuding confidence, with top brands including Nanogen, Neville, TIGI, Jack Black, ManCave and Skin Republic. It’s never been easier to look the part, so make sure you get the latest Mankind Grooming Box while stocks last.

The Confidence Edition

Neville Rescue Scrub (125ml)

Straight in there with one of my new personal favourites! Inspired by a traditional men’s grooming ritual, Neville has designed a Rescue Scrub to remove dead skin, preparing you for a smoother, more refined shave. Its formula of natural ingredients includes volcanic ash and corn cob granules to exfoliate skin and stimulate cell growth, whilst willow bark extract cleanses and revitalises skin. Antioxidants are contained in bergamot and clove essential oils, and organic cocoa butter softens the skin ready for shaving. This product feels absolutely amazing on your skin and really has made my face feel fresh and rejuvenated. I really enjoy trying new facial scrubs and this one easily makes the grade, I have not qualms with recommending this one. 10/10 from me.

Directions for use: Massage all over a wet face, then rinse with warm water. Use weekly. £22

ManCave Original Moisturiser (100ml)

Catering specifically for men, the ManCave Borage Moisturiser is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula that works to hydrate, mattify and energise skin. Fortified with stimulating Caffeine, Organic Borage Oil and Shea Butter, the lightweight emulsion delivers intense, long-lasting moisture, whilst antioxidant Vitamin E shields from free radical damage and environmental aggressors. Skin is smooth, rejuvenated and protected.

Not tested on animals. Vegan-friendly. Free from parabens, sulphates and synthetic dye. £8

Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream (96g)

My second personal favourite in The Confidence Edition. Take control with Jack Black Texture Cream, a lightweight styling cream that delivers long-lasting, flexible hold with conditioning, anti-frizz properties. Perfect for dry-to-normal coarse, thick or wavy hair, the non-sticky product is based on a PureScience® formula and combines silk amino acids with jojoba oil and beetroot to soften, hydrate and control frizz whilst thickening and adding shine. Gives you extra control of your hair, holding your style in place with a sleek, grease-free finish without the stiffness. Excellent before or after blow-drying and a new addition to my quick (but steady) hair routine.

Free from parabens, fragrance and colourants. Dermatologist tested and cruelty-free. Made in the USA. £11

The Confidence Edition

Nanogen For Men Shampoo and Conditioner 5-in-1 (240ml)

Again, another new favourite of mine and I have enjoyed using this one so far. This Exfoliating shampoo and conditioner is designed to take a multi-targeted approach to improving your hair and scalp health. It forms a dense lather which surrounds every hair strand for a deep clean you can really feel. Dermatologically tested it contains a blend of unique hair growth factors, re-densifying amino acids and exfoliators. £9.95

TIGI Bed Head For Men Balm Down Cooling Aftershave (125ml)

Replenish and revitalise just-shaven skin with the TIGI Bed Head for Men Balm Down Cooling Aftershave; a lightweight, fast-absorbing balm that works to soothe and hydrate without greasy residue. This product delivers long-lasting moisture and hydration, whilst relieving redness and irritation to leave skin feeling cool, fresh and super soft with restored comfort. £12.95

Skin Republic Bubble Purifying Charcoal Face Mask (20ml)

I’ve never really been a face mask kind of guy yet, with the Skin Republic Bubble Purifying Charcoal Face Mask; an innovative treatment to dissolve impurities and stimulate cellular renewal. When applied, the sheet mask creates a foaming effect when exposed to air that delivers deep down cleansing with the bubbles effectively unclogging pores and eliminating dirt. A selection of fruit-derived acids work to gently exfoliate the surface layer of skin, while Charcoal is renowned for its detoxifying properties. The skin feels luminous and fresh with enhanced moisture and a revitalised tone.

Not tested on animals. £5.49

The Confidence Edition

Overall, I found this to be an amazing grooming box. The Confidence Edition delivers a diverse and standout array of quality products for your everyday grooming needs. Some of these products were fun to try but didn’t quite make the grade for me (not because they were bad, I’m just used to a certain kind of moisturiser for example). What’s fantastic, however, is that you can discover products that you have never tried and then come to wonder how you ever lived without them, in my case Neville’s Rescue Scrub and Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream. The grooming box is a true bargain as well at a mere £25 when (added together) the total cost of each individual product equals just under £70!

If you’re ever looking for a little, cost-worthy treat for a gentleman in your life, or if you fancy grabbing yourself a little payday present, you cannot go far wrong with a Mankind grooming box, specifically, The Confidence Edition.