Middlesbrough – We Are Premier League!

Middlesbrough has done it! My hometown team today won automatic promotion to the Premier League and I couldn’t be happier for them. After a long and difficult season, the entire whirlwind came down to the last day of the season in a winner takes all tie against Brighton.


Middlesbrough FC

Middlesbrough FC are back in the Premier League which is absolutely brilliant news! After a long season and an overall 7-year absence from the top tier of British football, they’re back! From Gareth Southgate to Tony Mowbray, Middlesbrough has changed a heck of a lot in the last decade. Many different players have come and gone, a lot on loan and a few permanently! After trying for so long they have finally cracked it and everybody in my hometown couldn’t be happier – supporter or no supporter – everybody understands how special it is for this club.

Aitor Karanka

‘In Aitor Karanka We Trust’. Just one of the many statements Middlesbrough fans say about head coach Karanka. It’s been a pretty eventful two and a half year stint so far for the Spaniard whilst in charge of the Boro. Jose Mourinho’s old assistant really has taken the North-East by storm, taking Middlesbrough from a relegation looking, League One destined outfit to now – a fully fledged Premier League side. Aitor Karanka has improved Middlesbrough year on year since he took over at the helm, this was no more recognised than in the 2014/15 season when he led his side to the play-off final at Wembley. As with all success comes occasional heartache, and when promotion wasn’t achieved it seemed as though Karanka was going to stop at nothing to make sure Middlesbrough didn’t miss out on the ultimate prize this season.

Middlesbrough were and have been ‘hot favourites’ all season to achieve automatic promotion to the promise land. This forecast came from some incredible investment into the side and everything seemed to be going Rosie until the dreaded player/ manager bust up 3/4’s the way into the season. Middlesbrough looked to all onlookers as if they were about to blow it. Aitor Karanka was reported to be on the verge of leaving. Was this the beginning of the end? Were Boro about to go back to mid-table obscurity in the championship? Were they heck!

Steve Gibson

You cannot go talking about Middlesbrough without mentioning this man. Give him a knighthood the town says! Gibbo has pumped his own blood, tears, sweat and hard earned reddies into the football club. Without him, the promotion wouldn’t have been achieved! He backed his manager and didn’t interfere, letting them all do their jobs and in the end, they have repaid him.

It was lovely to see a tear in his eye whilst I was watching the game on Sky Sports. Everybody paid tribute to him on the day with songs ringing from the crowd and head coach – Karanka¬†– pointing to him at the final whistle and when he lifted the trophy. I’m sure the whole town would join me in congratulating Steve Gibson and thanking him for all his hard work and dedication to the football club. Let’s hope they can now push on and do a Leicester City for him, huh?!

The Town

This win is brilliant for the town. Everybody knows what a tough time it has been in the last 7 years since Middlesbrough were relegated. The famous Teesside Steel works have been mothballed twice and things were seeming bleak in the area. This win adds a well-deserved ray of light for the town. Football is massive and really gives the people something to look forward too and creates a whole load of positive energy. Some people don’t understand how football changes lives but it just does, it’s the experience and the love of the game. It’s these things that can give a town a lift and this is precisely what will happen in Middlesbrough.


Congratulations Middlesbrough FC and good luck in The Premier League! #UTB