Nelson Martina Watch

Nelson Martina

The kind folks over at Nelson Martina got in touch and asked if I wanted to do a review of their classic silver 309 watches. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity and have had the watch for a couple of days now.

Nelson Martina

Nelson Martina is a Swiss timepiece maker of simple, classic and elegant watches. Switzerland – very much known as ‘The watchmaking nation’ – have designed, produced and sold watches since the 16th century and are arguably the best to do so. This is what Nelson Martina stand for, they live and breath Swiss watches and have done for over 20years.

I was sent the Classic Silver 309 watch.

Grand Opening

Nelson Martina Watch

I received the watch in a beautifully sealed and branded box. When unwrapped, this packaging turns into a beautifully crafted and durable Nelson Martina case. The case of a watch is very special and unique for me, it tells me that they truly care for their product. If a brand doesn’t put 100% into every aspect then sometimes I don’t see why they even both at all. Nelson Martina do not cut any corners with the packing or box. Inside you will find all of the usual things: watch warranty, instructions card and the watch itself snug in its lovely cushioned bed.

First Thoughts

Nelson Martina Watch

My initial findings were very pleasing. This Nelson Martina silver, mesh-strapped watch felt very nice in my hands during the first look. It had a very nice weight to it, not too heavy or bulky. Normally I would just use my iPhone to set the time on something, however, for this review, I used the speaking clock which – after a few hours of being set – confirmed that the watch had kept precisely, the perfect time.

The Lowdown

As mentioned, this Nelson Martina watch is Swiss made. It comes with a stainless steel mesh strap with interchangeable clasp – in case you have small wrists like me – then you can set the strap as loose or tight as you like. The classic watch has a white dial that sits in a beautiful silver case, topped with sapphire crystal glass. This material is second most resistant only to diamonds in the world which ultimately means that the watch can withstand the harsh conditions in the world today. Furthermore, this material ensures that your watch will survive any brushes or impacts with various damaging surfaces leaving it intact and perfect. The watch also benefits from RONDA Swiss movement, which means that your watch will benefit from superior accuracy and reliability. The case size comes in 40mm and all watches are guaranteed for 2 years with free delivery anywhere within the European Union.

The price of this watch comes in at £200 (€249) which would make a perfect present for any gentleman without breaking the bank.

Pros and Cons

Nelson Martina Watch

The watch is a very lovely and easy to wear. It doesn’t have an expiry date and will last in your watch collection for many years to come.

In my opinion, a major pro is the roman numerals on the face. I believe it really helps you to read the face with ease, as opposed to usual markers you see on other watches. I also love that when you have a watch with roman numerals the number four is written IIII instead of the normal IV.

The Clasp for me is a really big plus point on this watch. It’s strong but also very easy to attached/undo. Sometimes I’ve found with this style of clasp that they’re difficult to do up or undo (especially if you’re coming in after a night of drinks).

One slight downside for me is that I’m quite a slim guy and therefore have small wrists. That means that when I alter the clasp, the length of the wristband can end up getting in the way when doing up the watch. Obviously, this isn’t a major problem and it doesn’t really bother me but some people may find it a little annoying (Small wrist problems).

To finish off this section I’d like to point out that I like a watch that has a date. Some of my other watches don’t have this function and I find it rather annoying as I then have to check my phone for the date.

What They Said

My father (a big fan of classic watches) tried the watch for a short period of time and said “This is a very simple and elegant watch. It’s actually growing on me a lot. I’m not too sure about the Swiss flag as it’s a bit bold for such an easy looking watch but apart from that everything is lovely”.

My best friend Adam had the watch for 1 hour and had a really positive reaction to it. He originally wasn’t sure about the mesh strap and said he’d prefer a leather one but insisted that he really liked the face and overall design.

My good friend Ross really liked the look of the watch, even before I’d said which one I’d been sent he picked the same Classic Silver 309 from the website.


To conclude this review, I’d say that Nelson Martina has a very nice watch on their hands here. They have designed it very well and the overall look and feel is impeccable. I’m really going to enjoy wearing this watch in the future, it’s already had very positive attention on my wrist as people have asked what brand it is and where it’s from. If you would like to check out their website then you can do so by clicking the here.

One final word. If you would like to see more reviews of this product then my good friend Craig over at ThatDapperChap has also conducted a brilliant Nelson Martina watch review.

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