New Year, New Me: Eating Habits & Diet

eating habits

If you’re anything like us then the festive period is probably a distant memory by now, the food and drink filled extravaganza is over, your festive eating habits are finished! All that is left now is to get back on track, shed a few pounds, turn it into muscle… But first, carry on reading this post! Diet first – our post a couple of weeks back regarding what to expect for your training needs and a couple of general tips on getting going again is a good starting point. We thought that a piece supporting your dietary eating habits would be best for those new year’s blues. Especially when your stomach probably thinks that your mouth was wired shut the day after New Year.

You know the drill by now, we’re not here to tell you that if you don’t do what we say then look forward to a lifetime of ungentlemanliness, this is merely an overview of what we recommend and it is mostly based on approaches we have taken over the years. New Year tends to bring with it a host of diets (and a host of experts also roll into town), you’ll probably agree that 2016 could easily be termed ‘the year of the fad diet’. We’re not here to tell you which is best, or where to start, just how to go about choosing one that works and give you a nudge in a few right directions regarding your eating habits.

Something that we’ve always done, and have had the best results from, is choosing something that is achievable. Something that you can stick to for a long time, not something that is going to crucify you for 6 weeks and just as you start seeing the progress you break and before you know it you’re elbow deep in a share bag of crisps. It’s an attitude that should be extended to your training – only do something you know is sustainable because you only get the results you want from working hard for a long time.

When you’re looking at changes to make, don’t be drastic, you spent 2 weeks stretching that stomach – it is not an elastic band that snaps back instantly and all of a sudden you’re full after a salad. Be clever with your eating habits, try grazing throughout the day, a constant supply of calories/energy will ensure that you don’t have to fight the hunger. Think about textures as well, try replacing the crunch of a crisp with a carrot – low calorie and filling. Don’t forget that you’re in charge, and remember that if you are going to break, then that’s fine, but limit it! One cheat a week in your eating habits isn’t going to ruin your progress, but a cheat week a month then you’re going nowhere.

Bottom line is, choose a moderated diet that isn’t going to fail after 6 weeks… remember its 50 weeks until Christmas!