Oral-B Whitening Strips

Oral B

A couple of weeks back I was sent some Oral B Whitening Strips. For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are little sticky strips that you purchase in select amounts and apply to your teeth, which will eventually turn your teeth whiter.

Whitening Strips

whitening strips

whitening strips

whitening strips

Oral-B Whitening Strips

I’d seen this interesting product a number of times on the likes of Instagram and Twitter. A number of different bloggers and influencers I follow were showcasing Oral B’s genius whitening strips.

I’m a big fan of Ricky Gervais and during one of his interviews he was complimented on his teeth and asked if he’d had them ‘done’, to which he replied: “No, I just used those little whitening strips thingys”. This among all other things made me think ‘goodness, I must try these things’.

My Findings

I started using the strips last week and did notice a few strange things that I’m not too sure whether I liked or not.

Firstly, I’m not the best at having things done, I know this isn’t major but boy did I find them tough to get on. I found them kind of awkward because you’re not naturally used to sticking something to your teeth. In particular, the bottom strip was most difficult as the strip is larger than your teeth.

Finally, they are hard to get off because they’re stuck to your teeth. They also leave the gel inside your mouth – which doesn’t feel great – so it’s definitely useful to rinse out afterwards.


Overall I really like the product, it does indeed work! Asides from the cons that I discuss the major pro is that after a week your teeth are already looking whiter. I have had compliments on my teeth before and since using these strips I have in fact had a few more. It’s obviously a lovely confidence booster when people notice things about your appearance so thanks to the people who did mention something.

Finally, the question is, would I recommend them? And the answer would be… Absolutely! As long as you’re happy to sit at home with some funny feeling strips in your mouth for 30mins then it’s totally worth it. If you’re uncomfortable or feel as though your teeth could do with a little brighten up then why not give them a bash? That’s all I did.

Feel free to head over to Oral B’s website now and check out what they say about their whitening strips.