Miles away from Running a Marathon


Summer’s coming, the marathon season has started and it’s about this time of the year where the desire to get up and out running is at its highest. At Gentleman Project, we’ve also had the urge to go out and get some miles done and we’ve come across hints and tips along the way, some that have helped and some that have been less useful. Don’t worry, though, this is not an instruction manual for how to get you to the next London marathon, think of it more as a beginner’s guide to getting you started.

First things first, if you’re thinking of getting involved in running, make sure you really want it! If you don’t, then running will be painfully dull and a minute on a treadmill can feel like an hour. The most useful tip we have used is make running interesting, however, you can. It might be making sure you’ve got your playlist ready for your run or going with a friend to keep you motivated. Some people even go big – book yourself onto an event like a 10k or an obstacle course, give yourself a good amount of time to get up to speed but it will give you a target to aim for and will keep you motivated to keep training.

There’s no rocket science to this next part, but that doesn’t change how important it is…increase your distance slowly. Start small, even if it is just getting that first mile under your belt, then work up to longer distances. One of the biggest things that stop people from running is injury, and that commonly happens when you over do it, so slowly increase your distance, limit the stress on your body.

Thinking along the same line, think carefully about your nutrition, if you’re burning more calories running longer distances, then you’re going to need the fuel going in, preparation nutrition might include carbohydrate loading to build energy levels. After longer runs you need to make sure you’re replacing the levels of energy you’ve used up, bear in mind that if you do run for a couple of hours, making serious longer distances, then you could be burning well over 1500 calories – that’s a decent sized meal!

‘All the gear, no idea’… recognise the saying? There is some truth to it, obviously having the best pair of trainers isn’t going to run the miles for you, but it can make a big difference. Get yourself a decent pair of trainers, a lot of sports shops at the minute will offer free running analysis and help you pick the right pair.

Most of all, like we say with these topics, remember why you started, keep motivated and watch the miles rack up.