Seasonal Food – Top Tips This Christmas

seasonal food

It’s that time of year, everyone is shopping and gathering hordes of seasonal food. However, the questions nobody dare ask themselves during the festive period, “shall I have another mince pie? Is half a tub of celebrations excessive?” and even more likely “Wonder when I’ll go back to the gym?” If we’re being completely honest, there is only one person that can answer that question and that person is you!

The way we work is thinking that you have a couple of options, firstly, you can be the person who backs off the buffet and leaves the seasonal food alone up until the big day. Put it this way, you’ll have an easier time keeping your shape and not undoing all the hard work that you did over the last few months. However, you do need to bear in mind that you won’t be the one enjoying all of the amazing seasonal food that other people are if willpower isn’t your thing – maybe avoid this.

The other end of that spectrum is that you just admit defeat early on with the intentions of January will bring a halt to all things cheese and you will get back on the greens and back on the treadmill. This obviously has its benefits, all of the seasonal food, less of the guilt (because you know you’ll be sculpted to perfection by mid-February right?!) and you don’t need to miss out on anything. As good as this sounds, we have tried it over the years and with all of the wills in the world, it doesn’t always go to plan. The chocolates keep coming and the jeans keep stretching, but as January comes around and you’re ready for the ‘new you’ to arrive, the motivation has gone. Bear this in mind when you’re diving into the seasonal food.

seasonal food

As with everything, training including, moderation is key, going crazy is only going to lead to something you can’t sustain – nobody can train 7 days a week 365 days a year. Equally, nobody can eat garbage 7 days a week 365 days a year (although some have a good go). Our strong advice is a method that has worked best in the past for us and it is dead simple – work hard, play hard. If you enjoy a mulled wine and a good go at a table of seasonal food, then go nuts, but be prepared to work for it, whatever the time of year. We tend to try and keep on with exercise throughout the winter months and enjoy the odd treat when it comes around. That way when the new year comes around and everybody else is struggling, you’ll still be getting your same sized suit on and taking on the world!

As always, this is just our advice on tackling the festive period and the temptation of seasonal food. We hope you enjoyed it, and have a great Christmas and New Year.