Craving a Takeaway? Try a Fake Away!

Fake Away

Winter’s on its way out – the mornings are finally getting lighter and we can all start looking forward to the sun coming back out to play. Something else that tends to happen around this time of year…we slip! Gyms are getting emptier by the day and that militant approach to keeping lean and training takes more and more effort to maintain. Add in the temptation to just call in some fast food and you’ve got a potential game changer on your hands. Don’t worry; we’re here to help with something that we heavily rely upon… the fake away!

Now, there is no denying that everyone enjoys a good takeaway, we’re only human. But when you’re putting in so much effort to look after yourself and by now seeing changes, doesn’t it seem a shame to throw it away just for a special fried rice?! What if we told you we had a solution that deals with your cravings with a little bit of damage limitation on the calorie front? Enter the fake away. In basic terms, the fake away is a home version of your favourite takeaway, and we’ve got a couple of examples from all of the continents to help you have your cake and eat it, literally!

So the concept is simple, pick your favourite takeaway, and make it at home using as fresh, low-calorie ingredients as possible without compromising taste. Let’s pick pizza, for example, now bear in mind if there was a calorie-free way to eat melting cheese with soft dough, I’d hope we’d know about it by now! But this fake away is a sure treat in any house and so simple. Swap your pizza base for a tortilla wrap, the sugary tomato base sauce, swap for a tube of tomato puree thinly spread and cover with your favourite toppings like lean ham and pineapple. Add a small sprinkle of cottage cheese and grill for 5/6 minutes and there you have a pizza that’s not going to set you back a notch on the belt buckle.

Another one of our favourites is a Chinese (isn’t everyone’s?!), even something like a special fried rice can be made to be less guilt-ridden than a takeaway with easy steps. Swap your plain rice for brown rice, cook that normally, get a wok and throw the rice in with a beaten egg, some cooked chicken and some veg like mangetout, mini-corn and peas, add a bit of soy sauce and you’ve got a home-made special fried rice.

These are just two fake away examples to get your fix of a takeaway at home using fresh ingredients and keep you on the right path. When you’re working as hard as you are to get results, this could be the difference between you throwing in the towel. Get exploring and let us know what you think.