Should I Train With a Partner?

Train With a Partner

A life-long question and a common debate amongst avid gym-goers, am I better training alone or should I train with a partner? There are pros and cons for both options and we thought we’d give you a quick run through of what we have done previously and what we have found when training with and without a partner.

It seems pretty simple, train with a partner/ friend, add in a social aspect of training, use your friends for motivation and improve together – on the face of it that can be enough for most people to pick a partner and go with it. These are all true in most cases, and we’ll pick this back up soon but first let’s talk about the considerations for training on your own because for some people having a training partner is the optimal way to train.

If you’re someone who perhaps doesn’t enjoy the gym; someone who trains because they need to not because they want to, then training alone may work for you. Get in, work hard, get out. Treat it almost like work and then it’s done and you can feel better for having gone – this is common, especially nowadays when time is short and everybody is busy. Time is probably the biggest bonus to training alone, you can almost expect your training time to double when you train with a partner, waiting for their sets (obviously you can have no rest sets where you alternate sets but that’s a whole different ball game) and spotting them for heavy loads.

Another thing to think about if you train with a partner is ‘Do we the same aims?’ – if you can find someone who is a similar size/strength and is aiming to lose weight/increase muscle strength as you are then your training diaries could really complement each other. However, if you know that the person that would be your training partner is looking for big gains and you’re looking to cut down then one of you is simply going to spend time in the gym doing things they don’t want/need to.

Now, all of the above we have discussed surrounding training with a partner is something we have found to have big advantages, and if we had to choose, we would side with having a training partner. All of the arguments for training alone can be used to support training with a partner – spotting, motivation, setting goals and targets together. All of these can give positive results and make training an all round more enjoyable experience, especially if time in the gym is not an issue. If you love the gym and love training, then why not get a friend involved to be your training partner, you’ll help each other and it’ll result in you having more fun whilst you’re there and enjoying the results together afterwards. Not only that but you can collaborate on new ideas for training regimes and support each other outside of the gym with things like nutrition…everyone needs a friend sometimes to tell them how many foot longs is too many foot longs!

We hope you enjoyed the piece, and remember, it’s got to be about what you want to achieve, if it doesn’t work, change it! Happy training guys whether you train with a partner or alone.